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Soul Piercer

Season One

Couch Therapy

Inside every genius is a freak seeking release


Julian Marcus

Founder of Cathedral Psychiatric Clinic

Julian lives on the verge of spiritual bankruptcy and feasts on broken clients. he doesn’t even try to ignore his delusional behaviour in front of colleagues, but rather willingly sacrifices his mental health for the benefit of his patients.


Bliss Stone

Intern at Cathedral Psychiatric Clinic

Bliss was taught from a young age to follow the rules by her highly respected medical father. When she lands a gig at Cathedral, much to her parents’ disapproval, she finds fragments of her identity she must piece together whilst helping Julian shake his diseased mind and saving the practice.


The Clients

cannot take anymore

The patients who visit the practice are usually the ones whom society has abandoned or have reached the end of their rope.

For some, It’s not in their DNA to go down a traditional healing route. Cathedral has somewhat of an underground reputation for getting in deep and penetrating psychological trauma.

There is however always a risk of total shutdown. 

Created by Goran Zivanovic

A Gothic Zen™ Studios Production