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We deserve interruption

An unconventional spiritual awakening causes a priest to transform into a rules-loathing Psychiatrist who uses controversial methods to assist his patients.

Why is Soul Piercer being produced?

People like watching a train wreck unfold and they prefer the passengers to be an extension of themselves. The victim mentality is ripe among primitive creatures after all, except for those who have been touched by Julian’s disease.

Yes, this is for them; for you and your wounds. It’s for those who don’t believe anything can survive the wreckage.

Did I mention multi-dimensional beings? After ‘sex’, it is one of the hottest searches on the web. Imagine a world without aliens, how boring our race would be!


Short Synopsis

Surreal encounters of a deep philosophical nature present themselves in many forms at Cathedral Psychiatric Clinic.

Within these walls its founder, Julian Marcus, explores complex inner worlds with his intern, Bliss Stone.

Bliss is at the ready to console patients when Julian has ‘Bleedthrough’ episodes during many strangely intoxicating and delusional therapy sessions. She questions her own mind when osmosis of toxins becomes the new normal.

At the clinic, the line between doctor and patient therapy is tested regularly. Cathedral Psychiatric Clinic is often criticized by industry medical leaders and is considered bad blood in the gene pool.

Specks of enlightenment flicker through Julian’s dark world during the lowest points of personal life and therapy sessions. With this total surrender, he penetrates the psyche of many grateful clients whilst cutting others whom who respects more than himself. Those such as his only true friend and greatest challenge, Bliss Stone.

A Gothic Zen™ Studios Production

This is a work of fiction. All similarities to real people, locations and institutions is purely a coincidence.