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Soul Piercer

writer’s Statement



Contrary to what is said, time does not heal all wounds. This movie makes an important distinction between what people want to believe and what they could believe, if they removed the stress of caring about conformity. Soul Piercer provides an opportunity for viewers to delve into their psyche and question their reasonings when faced with alternatives that could enrich their lives.


Why be emotionally invested in the characters and surreal themes of this production? Because life is colour-blind, and you deserve to see what has been hidden from you in a deeply seductive way.


Here’ the thing… Julian is unhinged and so am I to some degree. This is meant to be a Writer’s Statement and I question who the creator of this series really is. I’ve lived with Julian Marcus long enough to know his effect on the mind. It’s time for the Soul Piercer to find a new host and commence a metamorphosis.


Bliss Stone is a real being. Well, I’m pretty sure she’s someone’s fantasy at least. Bliss is a remedy when the atmosphere in the Soul Clinic becomes too toxic. Her sexy self-control is at the ready when Julian becomes too consumed with this world and the next. He often hears her whisper your name in moments of total isolation.


If you like a string of emotional contradictions with your ‘us or them’ attitude, Julian and Bliss might be the threesome you’re looking for. However, don’t get too comfortable with this NDE world. You might lose more than your cerebral virginity.


One more thing…

Although I have had a near-death experience, all similarities to events, real people, locations and institutions, are purely fictional and coincidental, except for the ones that might not be.

A Gothic Zen™ Studios Production

This is a work of fiction. All similarities to real people, locations and institutions is purely a coincidence.