Soul Piercer

thriller drama series

created by Goran Zivanovic

Soul Piercer begins filming in early 2021.

Julian’s therapy sessions haunt me to this day, and I am most fortunate.

Bliss Stone

Business Partner, Cathedral Psychiatric Clinic

Special thanks to the actors and crew who helped give life to the early version of this pilot script — ‘Bleedthrough’.

Talent  Crew

Arna Steigrad

Steve Lunavich

Molly Waterworth

Annaliese Mcguire

Tara Vincze

Zsolt Vincze


Goran Zivanovic

Clare Zivanovic

Wade Gallagher

Dimity Reeve

Daniel Oberlander

Clementine Bourke

Jaime Gonzales

Lucy Fisher

Samuel Mitchell

A Gothic Zen™ Studios Production

Screenshots are from original test pilot episode + Photographs by Gothic Zen™ Studios 

This is a work of fiction. All similarities to real people, locations and institutions is purely a coincidence.