Soul Piercer

writer’s Statement

There’s some confusion here.

This is a fictional narrative, right?

Shit, it’s not autobiographical, is it?

Here’ the Thing… Julian is unhinged

This is meant to be a Writer’s Statement and I question who the Author is.

Fuck, Julian, not again. Not this time!

I’ve lived with Julian Aquinas Marcus long enough to know his effect on the mind.

Julian, it’s time to find a new host.

This is now a Mission Statement

Remove your hooks from my eleven-dimensional mind, Julian.

The new audience will probe your logic with their own wounds.

See if they can distiguish your wounds to theirs.

I don’t believe in Jeannie

Bliss Stone, by contrast, is real. Well, I’m pretty sure she is to somebody.

Bliss is an antidote when things go too crazy. Her sexy determination is at the ready when I become too consumed with this world and the next.


If you like a string of emotional contradictions with your serial binges, Julian and Bliss might be the threesome you are looking for.

Be careful you don’t become too comfortable with the mindfuck or you might lose more than your virginity!

A Gothic Zen™ Studios Production

This is a work of fiction. All similarities to real people, locations and institutions is purely a coincidence.